Are Memory Foam Mattress Good For Your Back? – Why And How

Back pain after a restless night’s sleep is enough to ruin your day. So it would be best if you had a bed that supports and relieves the pressure on your spine. When buying a mattress, memory foam mattresses have no comparison.

But the foremost thing that comes to mind for those who suffer back pain is, “are memory foam mattress good for your back?” The simple answer to this question can be yes.

But there is more to come; knowing this simple answer before buying our mattress is not helpful, but we need to research and learn about it very clearly.

Keeping all this in mind, doing a lot of research, and looking at recent customer reviews, we have created this article. Here we discuss what memory foam is, its advantages, disadvantages, and more.

So that you can have a more profound knowledge of memory foam mattresses and choose a bed that is good for back pain.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses have several layers of soft foam on top and a layer of dense foam underneath for support. The primary intent of this mattress is to contour the curves and ensure your peaceful sleep. They also help reduce your back, hip, and shoulder pain. These mattresses are generally cheaper than hybrids.

What Are Memory Foam Mattresses Made Of?

Memory foam remembers the shape of your body over time hence the name “memory foam.” It will slowly return to its original condition when you remove the pressure. Initially, it was developed by NASA in the United States in the 1960s.

Memory foam was designed to protect astronauts from extreme stress. And it happens when they experience atmospheric entry or exit. Memory foam mattresses, also called low-resistance polyurethane foam (LRPu), are made from viscoelastic material.

This material softens your body heat and provides significant support and comfort. Memory foam is also used as pillows and mattresses pads.

These mattresses have several layers of soft foam
These mattresses have several layers of soft foam

Six Reasons Why Memory Foam Mattresses Are Good For Back Pain

Memory foam mattresses have many reputations and accolades. Many people who have used this mattress have said in their reviews that they got great benefits and relief from back pain. There are many reasons why memory foam mattresses help relieve back pain.

We have highlighted some essential points among them. The six reasons are described below:

  • Relieves stress on the body
  • Zero-gravity beds
  • It comes in a range of firmness levels.
  • Detaches motion from your partner 
  • Comfortable for back pain-friendly side sleeping
  • It facilitates breathing during sleep.

For better understanding, Let’s discuss this in more depth.

A woman sleeps in the correct spinal position on a memory foam mattress that relieves pressure on her body
A woman sleeps in the correct spinal position on a memory foam mattress that relieves pressure on her body

Relieves Stress On The Body

A good quality memory foam ensures proper support and comfort. This mattress keeps your spine in neutral alignment so that no bending or twisting is felt.

Also, It applies pressure on the spots, which helps relieve pain and stress. It remembers your body shape and ensures comfort by adopting different postures.

Zero-gravity Beds 

According to experts, there is no comparison to zero gravity or adjustable beds for stress relief and back pain. It specializes in keeping the spine in a neutral position to improve breathing and blood flow.

This mattress is a perfect choice for this zero-gravity bed. The mattress must be flexible enough to match the base curve without damaging the zero-gravity bed.

A nice bed with a medium firm memory foam mattress that relieves back pain
A nice bed with a medium firm memory foam mattress that relieves back pain

It Comes In A Range Of Firmness Levels

Memory foam is usually soft to firm. And its firmness score is generally 3/10. But since it is susceptible to heat, the ambient temperature can sometimes change its hardness.

According to most experts, medium-firm mattresses work best for back pain and support most body types and sleeping positions. It might be a good choice for those who weigh between 130lbs-230lbs.

But sometimes, it may not be suitable for overweight people because it is a medium-firm mattress that follows your body’s shape. A hybrid mattress and heavy-duty bed frame would be best for heavy people.

Detaches Motion From Your Partner

Sleep disturbances occurs if the partner’s noises and movements are felt while going to sleep in bed together. And Which results in an irritable mood and fatigue throughout the day. So it is crucial to ensure that neither the person sleeping next to me nor I feel disturbed.

And in this case, a memory foam mattress is beneficial. Memory foam follows your movements, adjusts to you, and transforms into a unique shape, so your partner feels less movement. Because the partner doesn’t feel the tossing and turning, he’s less likely to wake up to repeated noises.

It is comfortable for back pain-friendly side sleeping and also corrects your sleeping position
It is comfortable for back pain-friendly side sleeping and also corrects your sleeping position

Comfortable For Back Pain-friendly Side Sleeping

Memory foam is a must if you stand a side sleeper who sleeps for hours without moving. Because it conforms to your body shape while sleeping on one side and maintains spinal alignment. So that you can get stress relief, sleep and wake up without back pain.

It can also be a good mattress for pregnant mothers. Because at this time, mothers have to sleep on one side. It helps a lot in effective pressure relief and foam penetration. Also, its firmness level is suitable for side sleepers. So very beneficial for expectant mothers. 

Eases Breathing During Sleep

Generally, the materials that memory foam mattresses are made of are good for health. Its density makes it more breathable than other mattresses. It also works great for chronic respiratory problems. Hypoallergenic and acts as a dust mite repellant, so this can be a plus point for allergy sufferers.

Let’s get more details about it to know better.

Memory foam mattresses are made of soft foam
Memory foam mattresses are made of soft foam

What Is A Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

Gel foam and memory foam are almost the same. Gel pods are added on top of the memory foam, which provides extra support for your back and neck. These gel pods help the memory foam quickly return to its original shape. It keeps your body calm while you sleep and helps dissipate heat, making the bed more bouncy.

Benefits Of A Gel Mattress

Gel memory foam will cushion your pressure points no matter your sleeping position and provide the support you need. It keeps your body cool by lowering your body temperature during sleep.

Due to this, good and comfortable sleep at night. It can be a good choice for those who have insomnia. Gel memory foam also helps relieve back pain. This mattress is compatible with almost all solid and slatted bed frames.

However, when using a mattress for a slatted bed, remember that the frame’s slats should not exceed 2.75. Although it costs a little more than other mattresses, it is durable and robust.


Finally, remember that every object has an opposite side, low or high. Back pain can cause various reasons. So the answer to the question “Are memory foam mattress good for the back” is different for everyone.

Many find it beneficial; for some, it can cause or increase pain. But its advantages are more, and therefore it is first on the list of favorites for everyone. A memory foam mattress has most of the qualities that a mattress needs to have for back pain relief.

But before buying a new bed for your lumbago, you should talk to your doctor. And you should know the real cause of your pain. Some mattress companies offer free trials.

You can avail yourself of the signature opportunity and quickly know which one will be right for you. We hope you choose the right bed topper and eliminate back or waist pain in no time.