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We have all heard about the floating bed, but many of us need more ideas about it, and many need to learn what is a floating bed. So when it’s time to buy, we face many problems and sometimes regret making mistakes.

So here we have broken down and detailed discussions about this remarkable bed so that you understand them well. And in the end, you should have no more confusion or questions about them.

What Is A Floating Bed?

A floating bed is a type of low-profile platform bed frame designed in such a way as to create the illusion that it is floating in the air. In some cases, it can also be attached to the wall.

Most of those beds are made of wood, metal, foam, and cloth embellishments. This modern, beautiful bed will add an elegant and classy feel to your bedroom.

What Makes A Floating Bed Float?

Actually, the bed appears to float due to the hidden-support system. It has wood or metal slats for support but is designed so that its support system is not easily visible because it hides in the shadow of the frame. And as I said earlier, it can be supported by the wall.

Are Floating Beds Strong?

Absolutely, high-quality floating beds are very sturdy and durable, although it has some weight limitations. Its floating appearance may seem this type of bed fragile, but it is not.

How Much Weight Can Floating Beds Hold?

There is no doubt about how firm and durable floating beds are. But its weight capacity depends on its construction, durability, and materials used in its design. Generally, a queen-size bed can carry up to 500 pounds, but some good-quality beds even can hold up to 800 pounds.

A bed that floats in the air

Advantage and Disadvantages of Floating Beds

If you are thinking of buying this beautiful modern bed frame, then, first of all, you must know about its pros and cons. The more knowledge you gather about it, the easier it will be for you to choose the right one. 


  • First, the most attractive aspect is its floating design which gives you a magical effect. Its classic eye-catching design will create a cozy unique look in your room, making your ordinary bedroom extraordinary. Its floating bed’s light design is the best to create a calm and cheerful environment.

  • As it is attached to the wall or single support, it creates a lot of space underneath. When unnecessary things are kept under the bed, it spoils the whole room’s beauty. But you can smoothly put unnecessary stuff under it without fear of being seen.

  • As it is attached to the wall or single support, it creates a lot of space underneath. When unnecessary things are kept under the bed, it spoils the whole room’s beauty. But you can smoothly put unnecessary stuff under it without fear of being seen.

  • The height of each model is adjustable from the moment it is installed, making it easy to adapt to each individual’s needs. Since It is very high off the ground, and the legs don’t get in the way, cleaning is not a problem.

    Which is very good not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from a hygienic point of view. The good news, especially for those who are allergic to dust, is that they can easily keep the bedroom dust free.

  • There is plenty of space under the bed, so you can easily store any household items there. Which is an excellent option for those with small rooms.

  • This bed does not make noises and clicks like traditional beds when the frame moves or is out of alignment. And no problem connecting after purchase; you can do it very quickly.

  • Some floating bed frames come with platform beds under lights, headboards, and overhead lights; Other features include side tables. Each design can make your bedroom unique and modern. This beautiful bed frame brings a unique feel.

  • No extra foundation or box springs are needed to support your mattress. Therefore, you don’t need to spend extra money on this.

  • They are strong and durable.


  • Some beds have very little space underneath.

  • They have a weight restriction. Although very rigid and robust, it has weight limits as a safety feature.

  • Once it’s attached, it becomes difficult to move. Especially when it’s a wall-mounted version.

  • There are different prices for a hanging bed. But They are expensive with single central support.

  • This bed may not be a good choice for an elderly heavy person or if you have a child prone to jumping on the bed.

The Considerations When Purchasing A Floating Bed Frame

While buying furniture, there are other factors to keep in mind, including its pros and cons. But, then, the matter will be simple. So, here are a few additional criteria that may affect their new floating bed frame experience:

Weight limit: The higher the weight limitation, the more robust it will be. Moreover, if there is any problem after purchase, the guarantee will help in that case.

Slat spacing: Slat spacing can affect weight-bearing capacity. So You should check the recommended slat spacing. For example, the slat spacing of a bed should be 3 inches for a memory foam mattress. But at most, 4 inches and metal slats are not recommended. 

Height: Experts say that the ideal height of a bed is 20-25 inches. But usually, a bed is 14-17 inches. So those with slight mobility or who are tall should think twice before buying this bed. It is a trendy bed at the moment as it enhances the room’s beauty and makes it modern.

Assembly: The afloat bed is a hassle to assemble because of its design. Those who don’t like this task can check the previous customer reviews. Because they must have discussed in detail what problems they faced in putting it together there. These topics will help you a lot and give you a better idea.

Warranty: Most solid foundation beds often come with a 5-year warranty which is a good sign. Because if any problem occurs after purchase, guarantee helps us a lot.

So it would be wise to get a floating bed with a warranty. The bed’s security makes it an excellent option for even the heaviest sleepers.

A platform lights bed

Difference Between Platform Beds And Floating Beds

Floating bed frames are actually a type of low-profile platform bed frame. However, a few differences exist between a standard platform bed and a floating bed. For example, this bed frame is cleverly designed to look like it is floating in the air.

Its sturdy legs are hidden from direct view. Which makes the bedroom look more beautiful. On the other hand, Platform bed frames feature support legs and are raised 6-18 inches off the ground.

Sometimes it can also have discreetly designed drawers for extra storage. However, both bed frames do not require separate box springs. And usually, come with an attached headboard.

Are Floating Beds Suitable For Heavy Person?

Floating bed for heavy person suitable or not depends on the quality of your bed. Generally, good quality beds are also constructed with sturdy materials.

So they are firm and durable, and their weight-bearing capacity is also high. The better the quality of your bed, the higher its weight-bearing capacity. A good quality build material of this bed can support up to 500 pounds. So it is suitable for heavy people.

How Much Does A Floating Bed Cost?

A floating bed can usually range from 200$ to 1000$. Its price depends on the quality, material, size, design, and other factors. However, luxury beds can cost more than this, for example, from 3000 $ to 5000 $. But One line is actual; good things always cost a little more and last longer.

Types of floating beds

There are many types of floating beds. Let’s know some beds’ names.

  • Floating bed with LED lights
  • Traditional Floating Beds
  • Platform beds
  • Wood platform bed
  • Live edge headboard
  • Platform Bed
  • Boho Chic Bed
  • Full-size floating bed

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some FAQs people also want to know. This question may clear up all your confusion. 

Do the floating bed needs a box spring?

Since this bed has slats like a platform bed, you don’t need to spend money separately on box springs. But those who like extra height under their mattress or those who are a little taller can use it.

How high should a floating bed be off the floor?

An ideal bed height should be 20-24 inches, but usually, floating beds are 14-17 inches. But it is elementary to figure out which size is right for us. First, you sit on the edge of the bed and make sure your legs are close to a 90-degree angle.

Are floating beds safe?

Yes, a floating bed is safe, but it depends on whether you attach it correctly or not. And floating beds have weight limits that we have to keep in mind.

Are Floating Beds Comfortable?

Of course, floating beds are comfortable, strong, and supportive. In addition, a floating bed is ideal for making your bedroom elegant and modern.

Do floating beds make noise?

A good quality solid floating bed makes no noise. A floating platform bed is suitable for your back and makes no noise when getting in or out of bed.

Does the floating bed come with a warranty and sleep trial?

Most companies offer at least a 1-5 year warranty on their floating beds from the date of purchase. If there is a defect in your bed during this time, a complete replacement is assured.

So check their return policy before buying. Some companies also offer sleep trials with mattresses. So make sure they’re a trial time limit. And in the meantime, make sure it’s right for you.

A  mordern bedroom


If you think of making the bedroom more elegant, choose a floating bed frame. Even for your small space, it can be a good choice. It makes a small room look big and spacious.

It has many designs and colours, so there are many options, and you can choose the bed you want. But definitely check its customer reviews and brand quality before buying. And think about what you need in bed in advance, so you don’t get confused after going to buy.

Also, It will give you a better idea along with practical experience. Our experts have spent a lot of time gathering information about floating beds. Our main objective was to clear all confusion about the floating bed.

And you can buy your new bed completely without any disappointment. We hope this will help you a lot. If you want to know about others’ beds, check our information section.